Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Think

When I need to make a social phone call, each of those words and concepts pose challenges for me.

I hope that my thoughts about other people will all be interpreted by G-d as prayers.

Sometimes the first time you speak to someone on the phone it goes super well, and sometimes not so much.

A dear friend called me last Friday and I was helping with navigation on the way to my dad. I tried.  I couldn't talk.  I've him back. he's called me back. Who says you outgrow playing games like tag?

As it gets close to 12 years of my blogging I ponder this kind of writing.

Sometimes I wonder if I've spent too much of my life deciding (not deciding?) between six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Something connects everything in my life.  While the realms seem different they are not so different, and my behavior, my reaction, is consistent in each stadium.  It's all practice, either reinforcing the same responses or making headway in meeting them differently.

Some way, somehow, one thing always leads to another.

After seeing a play I ended up at this ten year old post from the halcyon days of the Jewish blogosphere.  

"I say to every comic out there, 'Don’t do anything that doesn’t mean something to you, don’t waste your time; there’s nothing you can get looking outward compared to the stuff that you have inward.'" - Louie Anderson
Like so much about comedy Anderson's comment is about larger truths than just telling jokes. i find comedians are inclined to self reflection and to seeking and telling the truth.

The house always wins.  ...Unless it's a really kind house...

We all want to be seen and heard.  Some of us deal with this by crying in the corner, others by standing in the middle of the room and shouting.

"It's easier just to work through the summer than it is to take care of oneself." - A friend's response to my saying  that I was trying to take care of myself as my summer project.


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