Saturday, June 07, 2014

Tonight Too

Eight years ago I posted about walking on a Motzei Shabbos and having a pleasant surprise meeting. it happened again tonight in a different way.

I was walking home from Mount Sinai and a Dominican looking girl of a bout 13 asked me and my friends if any of us had a watch. I did (always do, pretty much). I told her the time and then in unison we each said, "I remember you!" Then she said that she still had the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch that I gave her and her mom and that she learned from it regularly.

This goes back 2 or 3 years to when someone connected me with this woman and her daughter.  They were on the road to conversion, would I learn with them.  We met just a couple of times and it was genuine and pleasant.  And then we all lost touch with each other.

I asked her name and she told that it's Racheil, adding that she went to mikvah in December. She was converted by Rabbi Eliyahu ben Hayim, who Racheil told me is not only a Rebbe at Y.U, but is in charge of all Sefardic conversions in America.  (We also spoke about how he gives his hashgachah to the new sushi place on 181st street.  Racheil tells me that their prices are much cheaper than both Chop Chop and Shoprite.

I have a lot on my mind and soul.  I thank G-d for giving me life, again, again.  Every second is a gift, a surprise, a treasure.

Thank G-d.


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