Sunday, March 23, 2014


6:40 PM - I'm at a school reunion- class of 2003. I've been to these before. Posted before. Nice to see people. People who were sick and are now healthy. People who have the same good energy they had years ago. parents of people who are not in this world anymore- a hard one. Sigh.

It's a blessing to belong to this community. I invest a lot in giving here. And whatever tiny role I may (or may not) have played, it's gratifying seeing people having grown and progressed. It's nice to see people happily coming back to a place that, like me, in some way, they consider home.

11:58 PM - Debriefing:

A girl was chatting with me and then said that I probably don't remember. I didn't. Apparently she owed me a paper from back in the day. I had cut her a deal to up her grade and she didn't do it and she felt bad. Even a year after she graduated when i saw her I asked her about it. She'd thought of doing it, came close, was racked with guilt over it. Let the record show that I had totally let it go. Other kids shared fond memories of my class. In the journal they made one student responded to the question of favorite teacher with- "There were different things I picked up from different teachers." Of the four he named, one was me: "A smile must occur when in his presence." It had a good vibe, the whole thing. It was really nice to reconnect with students. To remember that I'm accepted and important in a community. It brought me added happiness.


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