Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feels Like Home

7:10 PM - I just got home. (I still don't "get" the concept of "home,"but I'm back in my apartment.) This will be the last day of this school year that I return from a full work day. I got a surprise ride from a kind colleague and we had a nice chat in Hebrew. It's hot, hot enough for everyone today (except those who like it hotter than 92 and more humid too).

We had a lovely luncheon today.  My school is very generous with the meals they make us on these kinds of occasions.Here's the menu (which doesn't even mention the various kinds of find breads and rolls, the seltzer, and the fruit for desert):

7:35 PM - I think it's sweltering, despite the AC.

Someone searched "Raymond Carver Rain Poem" today and a post of mine from 2005 was the top result.  I really like that poem and you can follow the link to read it.

11:59 PM +  - Another school year, another built up world with a beginning, a middle, and yes - an end.   Another year that feels shorter with every year I get older; another year that for my students is a large chunk of formative life. Another year. another year.


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