Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Day

One year ago today I was finishing the school year. What's that saying about the more things change? I also wrote about the 2 wolves, one of my favorite stories - which is also a song. Time flies. Two years ago on this date, June 23, I wrote a piece remembering the then recently deceased George Carlin. These posts each evoked a nice comment chain.

Three years ago today I shared an excerpt from a book I was reading, and introduced it by saying that, Asking what a book is about for some people is the equivalent of "what are you doing for the summer?" for others. Fours years ago on this date it was erev Shabbos and I pondered, and posted poetry and got a nice comment. Five years ago today I posted a link to the, now dated, Top Ten Signs You Went To Frisch.


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