Friday, May 28, 2010

On Be'ha'alotchah

A man walks into a monastery. He must take a vow of silence, but once a year he is permitted write a word on the chalkboard in front of the head monk. The first year it's tough not to talk, but Word Day arrives and the monk writes "The" on the chalk board. The second year is extremely painful - but finally Word Day rolls around. He etches "Food" on the board. The third year is excruciating, but the monk struggles through it and when it's Word Day again he approaches the black board and writes the word "Stinks". The head monk looks at him and asks "What's with you? You've been here three years and all you've done is complain."

Click here for a Beha'lotcha thought on complaining that includes this joke (Anne - if you see this this can you explain again when it's that and when it's which?).

There are four details about Lashon HaRa that, according to the Chafetz Chaim, we learn from the episode of Miriam’s words against Moshe. Click here to find out what they are, through my POV.


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