Thursday, September 08, 2022

The Projectionist's Guest Has Semicha

Here I am, talking about A Tree Grows In Brooklyn!

Here's a previous post where I wrote about the book/movie.

And this, from this rich post, in which I write about the King in the field in Ellul:

Beauty Is Truth
In B&N the other day I saw a new unabridged audio version of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. The reader, Carrington MacDuffie does a remarkable job, getting voices and nuances perfectly. Something about that book.
At one point Francie talks about how Saturday is her favorite day. This is my adaptation of her words:

Glad for Saturday
A day which is without fault
Monday far away

This, from this post, about the Lech Lechas of our lives: 

I chose to write about Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Brooklyn (Betty Smith, Harper and Brothers 1943). What jumped out at me from the book was the depiction of different worlds. Francie has many worlds, all of them real: one world in the library, another on her porch, one in school, another at home. Within her home various relationships stand alone for FrancieFrancie’s father Johnny lives in different worlds too. The reality of these worlds is driven home after Johnny dies. When Francie goes to his barbershop to pick up his shaving cup, the barber tells her that her father was a good man. At this moment, Johnny’s worlds of friends and family touch for the first time.

And, see here, for a nice post where I think I am more articulate in talking about Francie and her dad and her entering his barbershop world.

Here, I write about five of my favorite films ever, and include A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Here, I include A Tree Grows In Brooklyn in a list of seven films I could watch over and over again.  I recommend reading all the lists of seven in this post, including seven good things to say to me.


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