Friday, December 15, 2017


Breishit - 43:33 - They are placed at a table in order.  Rashi says it was not just age order, but age order according to their mothers.  They are surprised.  but they still don't get that it's Yosef! How could they not recognize Yosef? R Shlomo Wolbe in his Shiurei Chumash (page shin nun) points out that when one is in the middle of the story it's hard to connect the dots, even if from an outside perspective the truth is clear.  This applied for them in this story, and is true for us in life.  We see wild things happening in the world.  When we on day hear, at Mashiach time "Ani Hashem," then all the answers will be provided.  But till then it's hard to see things as making sense, though we have to try, because we're inside the historical story. It's just like when Yosef tells them "Ani Hashem" it all makes sense.  May we be blessed to do our best to see G-d in our lives, even  now.


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