Thursday, November 16, 2017


Six stages of Yitzchak's life discussed in Torah -

He's born
In land of Plishtim
He dies

Each stage finds him being passive rather than active.

Rabeinu Bachya - 26:18 - Yitchak kept the names of the wells that Avraham gave.  He represents continuity and stability.  Thus his name didn't change. Rav Shteinzaltz says that his greatness was in floowing and continuing what Avraham did. Gevurah is holding back and not acting. Carrying things further is key, more than just starting.The Ketav VaKabala points out that the renameing of the wells with G-d related names reflects how the people tried to forget Avraham's meaasage and Yitzchak reopened (redug) that message, continued on that path.

(Inspired by presentation of Rabbi Yamin Goldsmith)


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