Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I have been enjoying and gaining from  Rabbi Yamin Goldsmith's SFW Daily What's app message. Here are some ideas I remember from it.

Lech Lechah - When a father says the bracha on brit milah he calls it the brit of Avraham Avinu. Then he says that just as the the newborn has entered the bris, so too he should enter Torah, chupah, and ma'asim tovim.

Rabbi Shimon Schwab (in his sefer on Chumash commenting on Parshat Pekudei) says that there is no benefit that a person gets from having a brit milah. It is done only because it was commanded by G-d. So what the parent prays for is that just like his child has had a bris, which is done only for G-d, so too may be go through all the stages of life and fulfill the mitzvot that are associated with each passage, for the sake of Heaven.

Chayei Sarah - 

1 - Why did Avraham say that his son's wife had to come from his hometown of Aram, and not from Canaan?  The Ran says that he was stressing the importance of midot, something that they has in Aram, even though they were idol worshipers, as opposed to in Canaan, where they were unkind.  

2 - Eliezer says that the girl may not want to go with him, and asks Avraham what to do then.  The word is ulai, Hebrew for maybe. Rashi says that Eliezer (not named in the parsha) says that wanted his daughter to marry Avraham's son and therefore had some hopes that his mission would not succeed.It's pointed out by commentaries (Ketav VeKabalahoothat the word ulai is written in an in incomplete way (missing the letter vav) and this is what gave Rashi the idea that that Eliezer had some hesitation about his mission. It's worth noting that the story is told twice, once when it happens and once when it's recounted by Eliezer to Avraham's family in Aram.

Rabeinu Ovadia of Bartenura says that he is giving credence to the whole story by telling them that she's so nice that he wanted her for his son, and he's only here out of his loyalty for Avraham.  Rav Chaim Brisker says that now that he's actually met Rivka and sees how goosd she is, he wishes his son could marry her. And he hoped that in telling them about how he wondered that maybe the girl wouldn't want to travel they would think that maybe there was a reason not to send her and would hold back from letting her go.

3 - Tradition has it that Yitzchak went went to a field to pray and instituted Mincha.  The word used is that he went to speak - lasuach in the field - basadeh.  The word is used for the first time in Parshat Breishit describing the creation of plant life.  Just like plants need care and time to grow so too do our prayers time time and need care.  it's not for nothing that prayer is called avodah shebaleiv.


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