Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Yud Gimel Tishrei

Today was my Hebrew birthday.  I forgot - until it was dark, and thus, Jewishly, no longer my birthday. I didn't bless anyone, or get any birthday wishes, I din't pause in gratefulness - until now, after sundown. 

I gave two tests today and most of my day was focused around that, answering questions of students, making sure the tests were right, coming to class early and staying late for the kids who have extended time. Tests are a problem and a solution, they hurt and they help - like much in life.

I taught other classes today too, and tended to other work stuff, but mostly today was about exams.  I slept very little last night, working on writing the tests, and resisting working on the tests.  Today was a hazy mix of exhaustion and adrenaline and the day it passed without my remembering it was my birthday.

I think sometimes about the scene in Our Town, where Emily comes back to watch a few moments of her life on earth and is overwhelmed by the beauty of the seemingly mundane.  I forget sometimes that life is great, that I am blessed with so much.  Thank you G-d for another year gone by.  Looking forward.


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