Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Review - Turtles All The Way Down

At points while reading "Turtles All The way Down" I worried if John Green was going to be okay. It's not a memoir, but it's written from and about his own experiences. The protagonist, a sixteen year old girl named Aza, says (on page 261) that people "talk like there's a bright line between imagination and memory" when there's barely a line at all. I imagine Green's voice when Aza says, "I remember what I've imagined and I imagine what I remember."  There's an unacknowledged thin line between fiction and memoir, and this book presents a raw and real revelation of who it's author is in his insides. I don't want to give away lines or plot but to simply say that this book is unusually well written. You're going to hear a lot of people saying that Green successfully puts words to pain in a way that hasn't been done before.  It's true.  This book is going to resonate for a lot of people and it's going to spark talk about how real and prevalent mental health concerns are.  Since the book's publication two weeks ago I've been reading up on it and i think the New York Times reviewer got it right in calling this book astonishing.  Read it and then let's talk about it.  Do it before its words are on tee shirts and your non reader friends are talking about the movie.  Read this book now.


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