Tuesday, September 05, 2017

HaNeshama Lach

Been a while since I've done this -

7:30 PM - Need to eat, prep, make some calls. Tomorrow is first day of classes.  G-d, thank you for the merit of teaching adolescents,  and of teaching them Torah.

9:20 PM - I made dinner, ate dinner: salad and turkey burgers, spiked with sausage.  I am thinking about tomorrow.  Nechama Leibowitz was once about to go out and teach at an event and she said something about being nervous and the person with her was surprised. And Nechama said that a teacher needs to always stay nervous, it means you care.

11:59 PM - Listening to moving Levaya of Shalom Brodt.  moving beynd words, literally, as the singing and the crying moves even the words beyond the words.

Need/want/hope/pray to go to sleep and to get up.


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