Friday, April 28, 2017

Torah Quiz: Avot Or Not Avot?

Which of these sayings of The Sages/Chazal are in Pirkei Avot?

1. Torah is comparable to water.
2. Judge everyone favorably.
3. Who is wise? He who sees consequences.
4. Getting angry is akin to idol worship.
5. Always be the first one to say hello.
6. Don't judge alone, because only One can judge alone.
7. Jealousy, desire, and honor take a person out of this world.
8. The gain comes proportionately to the pain.
9. A person is revealed by his pocket, his anger, and his drink.
10. Be very low in spirit, because worms are the fate of man.
11. Love distorts what is right.
12. Don't try to calm friend in his moment of anger.
13. Don't be too much of a Tzadik.
14. Don't be a Rasha in your own estimation.
15. The world only stands due to the Torah of children.
16. A person should think, "The world is created for me."
17. Not your honey, and not your bite.
18. Give Him from what's His, for you and yours are His.
19. Greet everyone joyfully/besimcha.
20. First study, then explain more deeply.
21. If you run from honor, it will run after you.
22. The honor of your student should be as dear as your own.
23. From my students I have learned most of all.
24. If you increase your name, you lose your name.
25. Silence is a fence around wisdom.


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Perfect Shabbos table material. Thanks!

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