Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Stuff

Here's an angle.  I will describe what's on my desk, at least in part.  It's a way in, for me, to some of my stuff that's going on.....

A container of almonds.  I'm trying to eat healthily, but as The Who put it - "Too much of anything is too much for me."  Which reminds me that the other morning on the bus to work I had this epiphany: What matters about the pop lyrics and quotes I remember is not what they're from but what they say.  They are hooks for ideas.  Sometimes I may be better off just sharing the idea without the reference.  But - the reference are part of my life.  I like, maybe even need to share the context.

A mug with a Farside cartoon on it.  There are bunch of scientists (mathemeticians?) working on an equation.  And then the iccream truck drives by and they all run outside for icecream.  Reminds me of a story of Rav Chaim Zimmerman.  He was a young boy when he came to this country.  he watched as two chess geniuses played a game on the street in deep concentration.  At one point one of them looked at his watch and proclaimed that it was time for lunch.  And so they broke for lunch.  And young Reb Chain proclaimed that this was America.

Cold-ease, Airborne, Thieves oil, oil of oregano, sambucol, and many other cold related things.  I've, my whole life struggled with colds and the like.  May G-d bless me and you and everyone with health.

New computer speakers, bought from me by my computer guy, my friend.  It was a trade for my old monitor, kind of.  Just another example of him being good to me. Thank G-d for my computer guy, my friend.

A selfie stick.  Still in the box.  A bit wary of it.  I should open it and figure it out.  The other day at work an old colleague came back to promote something he's now working on.  And he had a table set up and asked if could borrow my phone to take a picture of the table he'd set up with prizes and a sign up sheet.  i offered (and he accepted my offer) to set up the table in a better looking way.  he liked it and gave me one of the prizes - the selfie stick - in return.  The connection with this holy friend is priceless.

A half eaten sweet potato. Last night at dad's assisted living place the waitress gave me some extra food, including a sweet potato for later.  Now it's later.  I am blown away by this woman's kindness.  Not everyone who works there is anywhere near the level of this wonderful woman.

A big grey Chumash with Rashi.  about 35 years ago I bought it from my Shul because I liked it and didn't know where/how else to buy one.

A black running cap, that aerated.  I have several of these.  My favorite kind of cap of the moment.  Over the summer someone offered to give (lend?) me a white cap, not realizing that my black ones were special and did not have the usual issue (I don't think) of taking in more heat because they are black.

A Poland Sping water bottle.  Reused several times.  i try to drink a lot of water.....

A mug with the heading REMEMBER WHEN on top of it.  Under that is a list of ten memories.  It was given to me by members of the poetry team a few years ago. They presented me with it at graduation.  I cherish the whole thing.

A salt lamp.  I don't know what it scientifically does or doesn't do and I don't really care.  I like it.

Two different versions - white out and liquid paper.  Every now and then I need these and I don't know where they are.  And they are here. And they were invented by Mike Nezmith's mom.

A CD of poems of Rav Menachem Froman that were put to music.  He uplifts me.


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