Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Gemar Chatimah Tovah

Geva Alon's HaOr BaChasheicha plays on Pandora.  Just back from RH at Rachmastrivka/Monsey. Don't know what to write, thinking about it. Almost the twelfth anniversary of with this blog.  I have literally met people and formed connections and relationships through my posting here.  What a funny (not ha-ha) world we live in.  I like to write and am wondering why here.  In recent years, though I don't say it here often I have been posting on Facebook.  Sometimes I post there as a way to not post here, sometimes (like this moment) it's vice versa.

Gordon Lightfoot is now serenading me with Ghosts of Cape Horn.  He comes up often on my Carlebach station.

Where I davened om YT it was intense: nussach over catchy tunes, somber over joyful, long over short.  We ended at night at about 8:30 PM, and in the afternoon at about 3.

Over Yom Tov, as I've been doing for the last two months or so, I read a lot of Rav Menachem Froman's Torah and poetry.  I've written translations to, I think, 5 of them.  I am inspired by him.  He says some things that are very out there, maybe to be taken with a grain of salt, maybe said with the intention that they would be forever private... So much of what he says moves me.  If you are interested in hearing more about my thoughts about his thoughts let me know.

I need to get to bed or to work now.  I am grateful to G-d for this new start of a new year of life.  And I pray for all of us for a continued good start and for a good year.


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