Monday, October 31, 2016

6:17 AM - 7:53 PM

It's 6:17 AM - I am (hopefully) getting over being really sick. I am grateful to G-d for waking up feeling better.   It felt debilitating.  really hard.  I am grateful to those who showed concern, wrote, called, checked in and send care one way or another. First doctor didn't give antibiotic.  Second one did give antibiotic, which eventually I took. The doctor was more clear and honest than most about the lack of clarity he had over whether what I had was bacterial or viral - that old question...

I did not, could not, sleep enough last night.  I pray to G-d for a day of meaning and strength and goodness, of kindness and good communication in all directions.  I could sit and write for a long time, except that I can't.  I have been writing here for 12 years now, and it combs together in one precious pearl of a moment.  Writing is remembering.  And remembering is living.  I thank G-d that I am alive.

10:20 AM - My ride  was very patient and kind. Oversaw minyan, taught 2 classes. One kid was very curious about the how the numbers worked in the Levi - Bechor exchange, Kids asked how I was or where I was.  Some assumed I'd extended vacation and was away, something I've never done.  Some wished me continued refuah. Nice. And, as always , some kids said thank you at the end of class - a concept I was completely unfamiliar with as a student.  So nice.  Momentum is hard,  I definitely have some level of a bug still in me and I need to take it minute by minute.  I felt so sick in the past several days, really need to be careful.

11:55 PM - I'm concerned for myself, and it is real to me that I have to be.

There's a meeting tonight and I'm expected to be there.  I wrote and administrator that I've never missed a meeting in all my years, but may have to tonight.

I had my advisory class with Freshmen, which included welcoming a student who's new to the school, reacquainting ourselves with each other and our names, venting and being grateful for things about school and classes, and some private meeting with 5 of the students.

Some of them find some teachers hard to  learn from, particularly at the end of the day.  Others feel that certain teacher could speak to them in a more mature way, not like they are little children, and there are tests  that students feel are awkwardly unclear in terms of what it's on.

4:07  PM - Met with several students for long chunks about serious matters, and one parent too - oh that reminds me - there's a parent I have to call back.

Very tired.  need to take care, but need to work, to go to night meeting...

7:56 PM - Post school meetings. Kind ride home.


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