Monday, July 04, 2016

More Free Form, Disconnected/Connected, Random/Real Thoughts and Feelings

Splendid isolation; the song that just played.  Also a way of describing isolation, and not necessarily of a living thing, (it was a foreign policy). It's resonating, evoking the idea that we're always winning and losing.  Isolated sounds negative, but one can find it pleasant.  This is supported by the Gemorah's story in which a healer asks a sick friend, "Is your illness dear to you?"

In order to become less isolated we have to be ready to let go of the splendid part of isolation.

I like the idea of not writing (living?) in a linear way. (Aviva Zornberg is fond of the possibility that when you do something like read a new book it doesn't only change your life moving forward, but it changes your life as a whole, even the time before you read the book.  Your life is now the life of a person who read that book. See her book,Bewilderments, page 302.)

Rabbi Abraham Twerski suggests something that he doesn't empirically prove: that the more talented people are the worse their low self esteem issue will be, if they have that issue...

Talent seen by the world, and even seen sometimes by the talented person themselves does not guarantee confidence or happiness.

Beauty gets old fast.  What doesn't?

Existential angst is no-one's fault.

Marriages of all kinds exist, and one marriage you're in can block you from another one...

Onward, onward, for G-d is good, and there is only G-d.

Are all healers wounded?

Who is the me you see?

Now it's later, and also now, again:

I am single. (In a way we are all single people. The words of Irving Bunim come to mind: "I am myself. I alone can experience myself, truly know myself. Hence, if I am not for myself, who will be for me? The most loving wife cannot share my pain, experience my anxieties, or suffer my death.")

That moment when you realize that a Facebook commenter not only didn't read a previous comment, but that the idea of another commenter saying something meaningful never entered their mind.

Why do I get irked by the question - What are you doing over the summer? Perhaps it's because doing this - living a rich inner life of thoughts and feelings is my answer.

I'm glad I know Zelda.  The poet. Through her poetry.  i wonder, would it have been different or better to know her personally? I believe this is the way it was meant to be.  Our connections are through words and feelings, not through body language not through physical energy.  But through her lippers that utter from the grave and find the words for major pieces of my life.  And she sends me messages, cryptic ones but they include me, and my name.

Waiting without trying is like selling without buying.  Petty was right that the waiting is the hardest part.  And it's harder when you wait without making efforts toward what your waiting for.

When the media report about the media how come they never pause and say, "That's us!"? Question just came to me with the answer: They don't want you to realize it's them.

In relationships and roles, as in all of life, contradictions abound.


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