Thursday, June 30, 2016


Kalev was rewarded (Bamidbar 14:24) with a special inheritance in Israel. He not only voted in favor of the land of Israel but he interupted and opposed the negtive report of most of the other meraglim. Rav Moshe Feinstein addresses the fact that Kalev's efforts were quickly stifled and were unsuccessful. So why was he worthy of reward?
Rav Moshe says that this is a validation of the value of positive efforts in life, and moments of life lived with positive intent. Though it was but for a brief moment, the people were inspired by Kalev's words and this was of great value and thus worthy of reward. Rav Moshe relates this to the fact that we go to great lengths, and even break Torah laws, to extend life even briefly. Every moment of life has great potential and is priceless. How much more-so is there value to momets that clearly are filled with spiritual inspiration, even though they soon pass.
May we be blessed with momets of inspiration in life and then blessed further for those moments to last.


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