Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"O Chavrusa..."

The words "O chavrusa o misusa," are often regarding the importance of having a study partner.  The phrase comes from a story in the Gemorah and in context it clearly means a community/chevra. This is something I think and feel a lot about, particularly at this moment.


I discovered Guster when one of their members was involved in a Chanukah album that I heard about.  I find them to be one of a kind and uniquely to my taste. Hard to explain why we like what we do, it is so personal... The things that touch me touch me so deeply.  And Guster is one of those cases where I have to remind myself that they are not necessarily to everyone's taste, though it's hard for me to get how that can be.

This is one of my favorites (it inspired a poem six years ago):


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