Thursday, June 30, 2016

Breathing At The End of a Day

Andy Statman and David Grisman are playing what they call "New Shabbos Waltz" and I call a beautiful tune for Lechah Dodi. So, all's good in the world. As they play my day steps away.

Andy Statman is an inspiration; so talented, so committed to his truth.

I once saw him open a gala Chanuka extravaganza and no-one was really interested in him. They were all waiting for the Miami boys. Somehow his being ignored by the crowd confirmed for me how good he is.

Now Pandora is playing Sir Charles Coote-Captain Higgins, so soothing.

It's by Robin Bullock. Now "A Time For Us," is being played by Estoban,

...And now "Free" is being played by C Lanzbom. ...And now Stefan Grossman

is finger picking his way through "Working on the New railroad."

It's time for Mincha/Maariv.


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