Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Other Day

12:46 PM -  I am starting to write now.  Ben Kweller is singing "Fight" via Spotify.  I am appreciating this; "You've got to fight all the way/You've got to fight till your dying day."

Yesterday was Shavuot, as was the day before.The day before Shavuot was Shabbos, and the day before that was Friday, when I was at work.  Today is Tuesday, and I am at work again, though the building is mostly empty of people.

For Yom Tov I was in the Catskills at a retreat with about 100 others. I am thinking a lot about what it means to be other than someone else.

12:51 PM - Just looked for a haiku I wrote this morning about how we are each others to one another.  I can't find the written copy, only the fragments in my head. Been working all morning to finish writing and submitting my fourth final. Just filled out next year's parsonage form and submitted it. Work is a major part of my life.

12:53 PM - I recently started reading Saul Bellow's The Victim. I found it in school, and gave it a look, knowing nothing about this work. I've tried Bellow before, and I'm 13 pages in - the furthest I've gotten in any of his  books. His work sometimes feels dank to me, this time I'm a bit more pulled in than in the past.

12:55 PM - Spent a few minutes checking off Spotify songs, fast forwarding on to the next, adding to my catalogue of 1600 plus songs that I've "liked."  Spotify brings me comfort.

This morning I got permission to take home abandoned copies of To the Lighthouse, andThe Great Gatsby from school. I have trouble with classics, but I try.  I have trouble with reading, but  I try.  I have no trouble collecting books. In fact, a good summer project may be to purge some of my library.

12:58 PM - I need to eat some lunch and then get back to work. Hope to break from work during lunch, may multitask while eating.

1:10 PM - "Full Circle," by Ben Kweller has proven to be a good heading song for a Spotify station; it's pulling in good tunes. Now playing: "Fort Hood," by Mike Doughty.

Eating part of lunch is done: Can of tuna, rice cakes, almonds, zahtar, water.  I often eat good food, but too much of anything is still too much.

While eating glanced at The Times.  Did not hear about the Florida massacre that happened early Sunday morning until this morning.  The Times has a lot about it, including the obvious denunciation of Trump's comments.

I was surprised to just read that Norman Lear was a featured speaker at a recent media event.  He's 93, haven't heard much of him lately.  This news leads me to believe he's alive and living.

1:51 PM - Been trying to buy a concert ticket on line or by phone for half an hour.  Still trying. Something about doing this technologically drains me. Answering to a robot is frustrating.

1:59 PM - Finally, beli ayin hara, it seems I have procured the ticket I wanted.

4:31 PM - Home.  Early. It's an in between finals day... The elevator is broken. It's very hot. I'm schvitzing and tired.  And I'm thinking, "Why can't I find me someone kind?" And I'm thinking - "Am I looking?"

7:22 PM - I needed and got some chill time at home.  Thank G-d.

8:22 PM - I blinked.

11:27 PM - Honesty. Billy Joel had it right.  It's lonely. So hard to be truly honest.

Need to head to bed.  Glad I got some test grading and other things done tonight.


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