Sunday, May 08, 2016

Aviva Zornberg: What Changes For Moshe

I was blessed to hear a transformative, truly profound talk by Aviva Zorberg today.  I'd like to share it all.  here are some of the points buzzing in my head. Twice G-d told Moshe to take himself and go down from the mountain.  But Moshe wanted to go up. He wants to live in the heavenly realm, and asks repeatedly to "cross over." In the end he doesn't gt the crossover he asks for. He gets a different crossover, one that connects not to his relationship with G-d, but one that relates to his people.  He makes himself vulnerable to them, tells them how G-d shut him sown when he asked to enter the land.  This human sharing gave them a beer chance of hearing his very raw and real tochachah...

This somewhere between an abstract and a teaser. It does not do her talk justice.  Hopefully one day in writing and/or in living I will do justice to her thesis.


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