Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wed Feb 10

8:59 AM - Shady Grove by Pierce Pettis plays. I'm in my classroom on this Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef.  Class starts at 9:10 and I'm preparing and juggling and breathing and trying. Sometimes trying can be trying.

2:53 PM - Another breath at work.

Fri Feb 12

11:24 AM - I love writing, but don't always have the time.  Work is often non-stop.  Thank G-d for my blessed job of being there to guide and teach kids.  Yesterday there was no free second.  Not really today either.  I am taking a very brief pause now to express gratitude to G-d for all the good in my life.

MoSh"K Feb 13

6:31 PM - Hodu laHashem Ki Tov.  Besides other aspects that were challenging this past week was the fact that my computer and phone were down. No landline. No internet. Verizon texted me that all was fixed but it wasn't.  I didn't get to get to them.  But today a wonderful repairman showed up at my door, unscheduled by me, at his own convenience and it took him a while but he got the job done. So here I am soon after Shabbos grateful to have a dial tone and a connection (of at least one kind).  The gentleman shared a bit with me.  He has roots in Etheopia. His father was disappointed in him, or so he always felt.  He thought it was because he was short.  A time came when his father told him that he loved him and was proud of him.  He felt he was spurned (his word to me) and because of it he shined (my word to him). His fradmother told him he owes his father thanks for motivating him.  Sometimes it was a bit much for him.  The family would go on vacations and he's be left behind (ostensibly to work and take care of the family business).  Now he looks back and is grateful for it all.  And I am grateful to him for visiting me today, being so understanding of my needs to keep Shabbos, being a big mentsch in every way.  I am grateful.  And now, just back from Shul there are things to do other than writing here.  but I love writing here and grateful for this outlet and hope to be back here soon, tonight.

7:03 PM - Came up with this:

3 Stages of a Relationship With Me

1.  You remember everything!
2.  Do you have to remember everything?
3. Stop remembering everything.

7:32 PM - Spoke to dad.  Having chicken soup.  Glad to have a moment to write, though work looms. I replied to one school parent just now via email and owe another a call back from Friday.

7:50 PM - I just watched a short interview with Marina Abramovic on a TV version of The New Yorker magazine on Amazon.  She is now, at this stage of her career, focused, on what it means to be conscious.  her latest project was to have people walk in a room for as long as they like with headphones on that block out all noise and blindfolds that black all sight. Here's a review of it.

8:16 PM - Just came across this.  I feel strongly about it:

8:45 PM - Got so much to write, and yet have other (not necessarily better) things to do than blog, so signing off for now.


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