Monday, February 22, 2016


7:26 AM - Lately I have been answering the question of what to write and where to write it by writing here.  I am trying right now to do a free flow.  That reminds me of a story I heard Rabbi Frand tell on Shabbos (as part of the Ner Yisroel Community Shabbos program) (in my mind I'm wondering if it's official name is Ner Israel, as that rings a bell) (which reminds me of a shiur I heard last week in which the speaker said that the Kohanim's pomegranate bells served as a knock on the door and I thought, isn't it more like a ringing of the bell?).  He said that the owner of a wedding hall offered the Brisker Rav a free wedding at the hall, as he was a prominent and honored rabbi and had used the hall many times for his family. The rabbi's reply was that he found in life that nothing cost him as much as those things that he got "for free." 

11:02 pm - Jam packed day and night.  Heard a talk today from the other John Stewart, head of the New Haven school in Utah. Very impressive. I am so tired and need to go to sleep, rinse and repat.  I'll just share one piece of wisdom I learned from him: "People don't think  their way into unhealthiness, they experience their way into unhealthiness. And so too with healthiness; people need to experience rather than think their way into healthiness."

And just one more thing.  I came across this yesterday while looking up quotes with the word spider in them (it's this week's prompt on haiku horizons):

A spider lives inside my head
Who weaves a strange and wondrous web
Of silken threads and silver strings
To catch all sorts of flying things,
Like crumbs of thought and bits of smiles
And specks of dried-up tears,
And dust of dreams that catch and cling
For years and years and years . . .

- Shel Silverstein


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