Tuesday, February 16, 2016


7:07 AM - Time fascinates me as I try to not just to squeak through it, but to use it, and often - like now, to muse it.

11:13 AM - Taught a class, gave a test.  Now breathing for a moment.  Soon, off to a poetry competition for the rest of the day.

On a related note:

One of the moments that struck me in Michael Moore's powerful and beautiful (and political and sincere and snarky) new movie (which is sadly doing poorly in theaters because he is too ill to promote it) was the following. Finland has the best stats in the world for education. They do it very differently than in The US.  Very little school time, very little homework, very few private schools. When Moore informs them that poetry is left out of school curriculum one teacher's sad reaction was so visceral, so representative of a high truth that she and I both know to be true. Life without poetry is a very incomplete life. (In the same segment he interviews a teacher who says that his number one goal is for students to be happy people.  He asks the teacher what he teaches.  Math.)

7:27 PM - Pushing myself to write  a bit, as quickly as I can (I type slowly) now I have the urge to take an online test where I'm told how many words I type a minute.) Going to make dinner.

8 PM - Took test -

"Your score: 143 CPM (that is 29 WPM)."

Made spare ribs.

Left dad message.

10:18 PM - So much is not our fault and yet is our responsibility.

11:15 PM - Hareini mocheil lechol mi shehich'is oti...

Good night and G-d bless.


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