Friday, February 19, 2016

Erev Shabbos

Fri Feb 19 - 11ish AM (Forgot to note the exact time when I wrote this) Sometimes my work feels non stop to me, bottomless, and ever fulfilling. Four tests this week, two of them today.  The teaching is balanced with my caseload of guidees.  Pausing now for a second after giving tests to classes in a way that involved them overlapping and taking some time from another teacher because it's Friday and it's science testing week and I went out my way to schedule this test the day after their bio test.  And there were two kids who need and are mandated to do the test orally,  And one student was overwhelmed and left the paper blank,  And and and.

And now a haiku:

We communicate
Warning and surrendering
with red and white flags

2:49 PM - Just got home a few minutes ago, and it's Erev Shabbos.  Feeling tired.  My job/my life keep me busy.  

I do give a lot.  And I like being worried about and looked out for too.  I jump to care for others but/and I appreciate being cared for and about too and I am grateful for when I experience that in my life. (Details omitted due to tact.)

2:54 PM - I feel like it's been a long time since I wrote of Zelda.

3:04 PM - Here's one:

Untitled Poem
By Zelda

I shall not float unreined
in space
lest a cloud swallow
the thin band in my heart
that separates good from evil
I have no existence
without the lightning and thunder
that I heard at Sinai.

3:14 PM - Here's another:
I Am A Dead Bird
By Zelda
I am a dead bird
One bird that has died.
A bird cloaked in a gray coat
As I walk, a scoffer dismisses me.
Suddenly Your silence envelopes me -
Ever-living One.
In a teeming market a dead fowl will sing -
Only You exist.
In a teeming market, a bird hobbles with song

And one for Erev Shabbos, by me, written in 2009, inspired by Zelda:
May we catch Shabbos
as she flutters
down upon us
wearing a flower
in her sunlit hair.


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