Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday Night/Mo"Sh"K

"The persistent feeling that this movie so beautifully creates is that even when the world is bestowing blessings upon us, it’s still at the bottom a sad place, and the key to an emotionally healthy existence involves some rooted acceptance of that." - Glenn Kenny, in his review of the film Brooklyn.

I relate to what he says here.  To put it slightly differently I think that being emotionally adult means to live with contradictions. In so many ways, what we see, feel, think, do...


"I would say the lowest paying job in America is improviser, right underneath poet, and person who makes no attempt to have a job." - Adam McKay, director of The Big Short, talking about his past to Stephen Colbert


In the Shenk Shul today I looked at a Pirkei Avot sefer on the shelf.  I found this pshat very interesting: Al tehi baz lechol adam... - Don't denigrate any individual. Eventually everyone has their moment and their positive mazal. The end letters of baz lechol adam are the letters that form the word mazal.  They come at the end because in the end is when it becomes clear that, as the mishnah goes on to say, in the end - everyone has their time and place when they shine.


SHORT YITRO THOUGHT - My dear friend Pinny Bulman shared his take about the mizbeach. His thought is that the mizbeach experience was meant to resemble and bring to mind Har Sinai. Thus, no metal in its making, made of stone, must be approached by going up a slope. And the idea behind this is that the Sinai experience has to be reciprocated. G-d gave us the Torah and now we give Him our service at this altar, the flip side of our receiving revelation.

ADD MORE... in talking over with another dear friend...


I woke up very early and spent some time finalizing a set of haiku about sleep. 

Now, it's later, still now, just coming later.  Work tomorrow. Need sleep. Good night and G-d bless.


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