Saturday, January 16, 2016

אל תאמר לכשאפנה אשנה, שמא לא תפנה

I have liked blogging from the start. Been doing it a long time because I like it, believe in it.

Been thinking about Pirkei Avot. Just searched the words "pirkei avot" here and this is one of the ideas that came up:

The mishnah says not to say that when you'll have time (ke'she'efneh) then you'll learn (eshneh) because you may never find the time.  The Tifferet Yisrael notes that eshneh, usually translated to mean to study, is more precisely translated as reviewing.  It's easier to learn something the first time.  It's harder to review. The key to integrating what we learn is reviewing it.  Yet, reviewing is easily neglected- and that's what this mishnah is telling us to to resist doing; don't learn something one and say I'll reflect on it, review t, lock it in later. Do it now.


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