Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shemot Poem

Moshe went out to his brothers one day
And viewed a struggle that was at play
An Egyptian was ruthlessly beating a Jew
Moshe felt it was his duty to follow through
He saw that no-one else was in sight
and took it on himself to do what was right

He saw 2 Jews fighting when he went out again
and said to himself - "If not now, when?"
He tried to make peace between the friends
"Why interfere? Why do you have to mend
A disagreement that doesn't concern you
What's your plan? To kill us too?"

So Moshe took off and ran
He'd move to Midyan, that was his plan
Trying to make peace tore his life apart
Now he'd leave it behind, make a new start
When he arrives at Midyan Moshe is stunned
At the well he witnesses bullying being done
He couldn't look away, wouldn't hide
his passion for justice burned inside
He approached the conflict, got it solved
Once again he just had to get involved

May we, like Moshe, seek peace everywhere
Always persevere, and forever care
May we use these stories, learn from what Moshe does
And each, in our own way, be as great as he was.


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