Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nisechah SheBeChol Yom

There’s a question that’s answered in 100 ways
which is why do we celebrate Chanukah for 8 days
The miracle was not the first day
it was the other 7 when the light stayed
So why do we include day number one
when the miracle was that it lasted in the longer run?

If the answer is something we truly want to find
It has to involve reframing our mind
We call nature something we always see
Like a bird flying or the growing of a tree
But when you think about it “nature” is miraculous too
All the “normal” things experienced by me and you

The fact that oil burned on that first day
Is called natural, so many say
The fact that oil burns at all
Is a miracle from G-d, not small
We celebrate 7, then add 1 on
So this message will not be lost and gone

Every day is a miracle if we see it all the time
Everything is miraculous if we catch it in our minds
G-d protects us regularly from suffering and strife
With the miracles of nature that comprise our daily life
May we be blessed to see the miracles every day
When we say Modim while we pray


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