Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Noach Poem

Noach cleaved to G-d.  Noach separated from the people of his time. This is what made him a tzadik worthy of being saved when the rest of the world was destroyed.  His secret weapon was his removing himself from the people of his time.  This was all so before the flood.  But after the flood he kept to himself once again.  And after the flood he did not shine again as he had before.  Avraham became the new star because he was adept at connecting with others, which was just what was needed at that time.  Noach fell away because what allowed his to survive before the flood did not allow him to thrive after the flood.  This is often the case that what saves someone at one stage of their life holds them back at a later time.  May we be blessed to find new strengths for new situations in which our old strengths have now become detriments.This is all explained in more detail here.

Noach stuck with G-d and from people he kept away
This is what saved him at the end of the day

Cleaving to G-d made him righteous and strong
With the others who were destroyed he didn't belong

Noach survived because he was close to G-d and great
Restarting the world was his reward and his fate

But after the flood he needed to connect with others
To extend his hand and build society with his brothers

But Noach only knew how to stay in his zone
So once again he separated himself, stayed alone

Not reaching out to others led to Noach's downfall
In the new era he wasn't a hero after all

What make Noach special when he was in his prime
Was the same thing that worked against him at a later time

This is a profound psychological truth
What we need in old age is different than what worked in our youth

What at one time can serve as our best protection
Can in another context take us in a bad direction

May we be blessed in life to always behave in the way we need
To not be held back by old habits but to shine and be freed


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