Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Brief Blog Hello

Since I last wrote I have been busy with work/life.  Last Friday I felt particularly worn from the week. I fell asleep with my tie on at dad's place at 9:45 on Friday night.  During the haftarah I started feeling ill, a burning in my throat and achy all over. I slept over Shabbos.  And I've seen various doctors and healers since then.  My flu symptoms have the strange partner of serious stomach issues, i.e. not holding food or drinks down. I hope I'm on the upswing, please G-d. I hope, but I know I'm not at 100%, or close enough to go back to work tomorrow. Doctor's will give me a note, they said, if I need it, but I don't think I need their notes. I wish I had the space to blog more now or in general.  I pray for healing for myself and for everyone who needs it. I will share one haiku of the day that came to me in context.

You might never guess
who will be there when it counts
that's life's big surprise 


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