Friday, August 07, 2015

Pre Shabbos Post

Writing is important to me and maybe reading what I write matters to some people.  It's hard to write without wanting at least a little to be read (while also not).  I am grateful to be writing here, blogging old school/.

It's a hot day, schvitzy hot (the opposite of freezing cold). I went out to Jersey for some errands and got some things done. Coming home I felt really thirsty and tired.  It felt like the way i feel at the end of the work day.  Which led me to many thoughts and feelings.  It was, at least in part, the association with coming home the same route, the same way that I came home from work.

It's 4:30 now.  Going to dad for Shabbos as i did two weeks ago and for four weeks straight before that and two weeks before that and so on. I sleep on a thin mattress on the floor- got to do something about that. And I stay in the assisted living place all of Shabbos... So many Shabboses with dad.  In his home.  Away from his home.  So much was the same for so long.  So much has changed in the last two years.  Dad is a miracle man, having survived a whole bunch of things that many people would not have made it through.  I thank G-d dad is alive and well- poo poo poo.

I need to get going.  If I take a train it will take about two hours.  Driving would be about 45 minutes. In case your new to the program let me mention that I don't feel safe driving.  Number one reason: strabismus. I don't have the time or energy to take buses and trains all the time. I've taken buses twice today.  And I've walked quite a bit.  And I sweated.  And I drank water.  I bought two big (really big bottles of water, one in Kohls and one in Shoprite and drank them both before reaching home).  When some people are hot or thirsty they need a cup of water and they're fine - I need about 15 cups worth.

It's now 4:51.  I need to shower, pack, and go (and pray for not much traffic... sigh...)

Wishing everyone a great Shabbos. Here are some of my thoughts from Eikevs past.


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