Monday, August 03, 2015

From "Sing, My Soul" (Pg. 15)

I've cited Rabbi Samuel Adelman over the years. 

Here's another poem of his; it was transcribed by Rabbi Uri Cohen:

By Rabbi Samuel Adelman

(Written on the occasion of his third daughter going off to college.)

There are tears that flow
For many varied cause,
Tears of joy and pride,
Tears in life's occasional pause.

If you wonder why
You see the glistening tear,
It is because time stands still
As we see you now, my dear.

These are not tears of sadness
Though in joy there is a tear,
As you embark on life's adventure,
Our hearts shall ere be near.

Thus we ask that you forgive
These foolish hearts that cry,
For mingled with the salt of tears
Is a prayer to God on High.

And as we pray we also ask
That one day you may cry
For the exact same reason
That makes us on this day sigh.


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