Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed"

Within the past week the visits here have reached 104 page views and 84 unique visits, both on last Thursday- though I don't know what that means. I checked because someone just asked me if people read the blog and I said around fifty a day on average, not counting Shabbos, which is a slow day here- as it should be).

Green = Page Views
Blue = Unique Visits
Orange = Returning Visits
I = Don't Get These Terms

It's another summer day here in NYC. The way I wrote that reminded me of Lake Wobegon and the fact that Garisson Keilor just announced that he'll soon be retiring as host of PHC. That means that the "News From lake Wobegon" will also be retired, along with his other skits. A master musician, Chris Thile, is taking over, and the show will probably get more musical (again).

Carla Kimball entered my mind and I'm thinking about her work, particularly the pictures I've cited here. She is now selling cards of her photos and questions and I'm thinking seriously about buying them.

Another tragic death took place last night in New York City. And this song came to mind:

Don't Judge A Life (Abridged)
By John Gorka

Don't judge a life by the way it ends
Losing the light as night descends
For we are here and then we're gone
Remnants to reel and carry on

Endings are rare when all is well
Yes and the tale easy to tell
Stories of lives drawn simplified
As if the facts were cut and dried

Don't judge a life as if you knew
Like you were there and saw it through
Measure a life by what was best
When they were better than the rest

Don't judge a life by the way it ends
Losing the light as night descends
A chance to love is what we've got
For we are here and then...

We're not


And earlier today, before this song serendipitously came to me, I wrote this:

We know the ending
but that doesn't mean that life
has to be tragic


And today, from the High Line, I took this photo:

And I took this one on my way into the city, on the streets where I live:

Good night and may G-d bless.


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