Thursday, July 16, 2015

Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens

Not sure who said this , but I think it's true.  I've seen this applied to teaching.  Reminds me of the journalist who met with Dale Carnegie at a party to investigate if he was truly a great a conversationalist as people said he was. She spoke the whole time, while he actively ("just") listened.  The next day in her column she wrote that he was every bit as exceptional a conversationalist as his reputation indicated! It also brings to mind the story about when Ed Koch met the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  He was told beforehand, by a man in the waiting room, how wise The Rebbe was. Koch went in and the Rebbe was quiet.  So Koch started talking.  And he kept talking and talking.  For an hour Koch talked and The Rebbe didn't utter a word.  And then time was up. When Koch came out the guy in the other room asked him what he thought.  He replied, "What that man knows about politics!" This also fits with the idea that "silence is a fence for wisdom." Rabbi Abraham Twerski says that silence precedes and surrounds the profound wisdom of being and staying there with and for a person.


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