Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I don't think it's "everybody" and "nobody," but I think we do have a serious problem with this balance. This was touched upon in a talk by R Elie Mansour that was shown all over on Tisha Be'Av. He spoke of how important it is to be a vatran - to let things slide. But he said we live in a world when rights are emphasized and in that kind of an atmosphere it's hard to sell the idea of letting things go. His selling point, I think was that it leads to true holiness.

A dear friend of mine, Rabbi Benjy Kramer just told me a related idea that he heard from rabbi nachum Muschel:  People today have an attitude of "magiah li," - I have it coming to me, I'm entitled/  But he suggested that this word for arrival is related to the word yegiah, which means effort. We truly have things coming to us when we earn them via hard work.


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