Thursday, June 04, 2015

Episode People vs. Continuum People

I never know what to write or where to write it, but I know that writing is a need for me, something I do all the time, more than want to do- need to do.  If writing is a luxury for me then breathing is too.

Been thinking a lot lately about the distinction between episode people and continuum people.  I think that many if not most people today are episode people; every talk they have, every meeting they take, for the most part each event stands alone.  Then there are those (and full disclosure- I mean me) who experience every moment in connection with other moments. It's like the difference between old TV and what people call today's golden age of TV.  It used to be that every episode stood alone. It was almost like the coyote getting caught in roadrunner's cartoon explosion in one scene and then being fine the next.  Today show's regularly start with, "Previously on..." because what happened previously is inextricably connected to what's happening now.  And today's style of TV is very popular, perhaps because of this sophisticated element of how it's all connected.  This is part of why binge watching is popular- because it's like it's all one episode. The minds behind one at least one popular and highly reviewed show have said explicitely that they think of their seasons more as a long movie rather than as seperate episodes.  And yet in life, maybe due to convenience, the general approach seems to be not to take episodes as part of a continuum but as stand alones. And these stand alones don't even get syndicated; meeting and conversations and other exchanges that should be profound and intimate happen once/almost not at all and then are gone, replaced by new shows that also/all so quickly come and go.


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