Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Proem of Now

I know not what to share or where, I have so much on my mind and time is hard to find, I slept pretty well last night and now all I want to do is write, but I must keep life and goals in sight, caring for oneself is a hard and good fight.  I'm still digesting the last two days, brilliant people sharing things in brilliant ways, I want to learn it all again, can't do it now, which leaves the question of when.  Minutes ago my foot started to hurt- out of the blue, other than ignore or pray i don't know what to do.  So many things on my mind, so much peace I've yet to find.  I spoke to dad this morning which is good, i never know if I'm doing all I could. Did I mention that I'm still thinking about the classes of the past days and the teacher's insights that so amazed me and inspired me too, but the key is the what..or is it the who?  Is it true or is it not that Torah like food must come from a kosher pot, and how do we scrutinize the heart of a man, your faith - and vice versa - is hard to understand.  Everyone I listened to seemed plenty frum to me andperhaps that's a blessing, the way I see.  I'm still taking in the lessons galore, I'll write about one now- maybe more. Yonah, we all say was running away, but we don't don't go deep we just follow like sheep.  A profound take on Yonah might be that he wanted to escape not prophecy but the world of you and me.  He wanted to go back to Paradise Lost, and for this he was willing to pay a high cost. He wanted a world without repentance and sin, he wanted an idealic place where the choices are win with.  The is borne out by the language and the details of the book, it's right there to see when you take a good look. And now I must go not to paradise far away but to deal with the errands and minutia of my day.  I wish for everyone a day of growth and birth a day of accomplishment in our reality on earth.


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