Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Orchot Tzadikim: Sha'ar HaZechirah, Part I

"The world could not survive were it not for memory. Any communications that take place on earth depend on memory. There would be no trust and thus no lending, or business of any kind, if people did not remember things. This is common knowledge and there is no need to dwell on it. 

Given that the importance of memory is self evident it is our responsibility to utilize memory in everything we do, because the truth depends upon it. 

How can a person keep promises without remembering them? If something happens between people it is important to remember it accurately and not to go back on your word. If someone tells you something and asks you not to share it within anyone remember that and don't slip up and reveal their secret. If you borrow something it's on you to remember exactly what you owe and to pay it back.If someone is very busy and distracted they should avoid borrowing money or things because they are likely not to remember what they borrowed. If a friend does an act of kindness for you remember it so that you can return the favor. Remember poor people, put the urgency of their situation on your heart and this will leading to your assisting them."


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