Sunday, May 03, 2015

On Writing

After I shared this 
a friend asked what I thought about it.

I love writing and am pleased big time that, as corny as it sounds, my dream came true. When I was young I didn't dream of being a published writer, I dreamed of walking around with paper and being somewhere random like a parking lot and writing down my thoughts. Thank G-d. There are no words for how grateful I am to G-d that I string words together today (for my own therapy and amusement) all the time.

It's not just a line when I write here that I don't know what to write or where to write it. I am usually writing somewhere, often privately. Sometimes I like sharing. As much as it seems, maybe, that I share a lot in writing publicly, I hold back a lot in my writing too. I have several places at once that I write where people can see, and several going at the same time where they can't.

Recently I listened to someone publicly and repeatedly criticize Facebook, in stereotypical fashion. That it's like a drug and they keep you coming back for the likes (and then this person with no sense of irony asked everyone to pause and like his Facebook page). On the rare occasion when I get something like 30 or 40 likes on Facebook I am curious and sometimes even gratified- like when something personal I shared about Rav Aharon Lichtenstein - Z"TL - got a lot of likes. But generally, I'm not keeping tracks of the likes. It's more about the writing than it is about wanting the likes. I need to write like a mother needs to nurse.

Of course it's not simple. I like likes, can't lie. But often many hours or days go by till I see them. I don't look for them. Sometimes I miss them, or see that a post got a like but don't check who liked it. Lately I feel more and more pressed for time in life, and writing is something akin to breathing for me, or maybe more realistically to bathing- something I just feel kind of inhuman if I don't do it what I consider to be often enough.

As to this quote, there are things I'd get mad or feel betrayed if you (anyone) read them. And there are things I feel it would be great if you read. I feel that my exercising of my writing muscle has paid off. I like (and also can loathe at the same time) my writing. Often I feel I'd like you (friends) to read it and that's why I share it. (Though sometimes I share and vent without thinking much about if people will see it- just need to vent and choose here.)

Recently someone told me that something I was sharing face to face with them like it was a big deal (that I don't drive and take cabs more liberally than your average Jew) was something they already knew. I had no idea how. Till they reminded me that I post pictures, and write about my cabbing, on Facebook. Oh yeah, people can see and read what I put there- even if they don't let me know they saw it (by liking it or telling me).

I'm too loaded with things to do to reread this but I hope you read it and enjoy. May we all be blessed to find things that work for us positively as outlets. For me writing is a big thing. I don't know the best place to share my poems, essays, thoughts. This is one place. I know some people like to see what I write here. I am grateful to you with whom I share positive words, energy, and connection in writing.


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