Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Vuch

9:44 PM With dad, was with him for Shabbos.  

Tonight's Selfie

Been writing here less lately, thought I'd try for an old school blog post, in part because a friend commented that my writing here has been "sparse," and I was touched that he checks and that he misses our connecting via this vehicle.

This is from a piece I published 2 years ago on Parshat Nassa - "Like many people, one of the fondest memories of childhood is being held in my father’s embrace while I stood under his tallis in shul as the kohanim blessed us. It is befitting that this blessing evokes such warmth as the essence of the blessing is love."

10:17 PM - Still at Boulevard ALP w dad.  Clipped and trimmed his plant.  Big Bang is on.

10:23 PM - Dad has gotten into The Week.  This was an intersting article about a 34 year old who spent a year preparing to dunk a basketball.

10:32 PM - Just requested Uber. 8 minutes.

11:39 PM - Just got home.  As Supertramp sang, it was the long way home. This post comes to mind. I saw someone who I thought was a friend's daughter.  I think she thought I was me. But we both hesitated to say hello and verify if we were who we thought the other was.  I regret that. This post comes to mind. 

This song just came on: Hearts and Bones.  Touching every time. 

11:59 PM and Beyond - Here's a piece I wrote for my Thursday minyan DT-

The Mishkan was dedicated and gifts were brought by all
Every head of every tribe answered their call
They each came with a list, no less and no more
They offered gold and silver, animals galore
But there's a question, which has a bit of a sting

This parsha has something very profound to say
We each bring our gifts to G-d in our own way
When we pray we may use the same word
But filtered through our heart our unique song is heard
We all do mitzvot and while it looks the same
We are each bringing our own game

And so it is in the Frisch school
We all follow the same rules
Yet each of us has our own shine
You have yours, I have mine
May we be blessed to continue to offer our gifts to G-d above
To be good humans, Jews, and Cougars - filled with love.

Had the honor of having lunch with Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg and family and having some good connections and exchanges. He was preparing for a talk on the mishnah about being like the talmidim of Aharin (although he found one peirush that says that most of the mishnah is not about that because theres a comma rather than a semicolon after "hevei mitalmidav shel Aharon."

We discussed the mishnah.  I mentioned the vav katuah  by Pinchas' brit shalom  and how my take on it is that a peace that comes about theough violence is a broken peace.  He found, in relation to this an unbelievably beautiful and brilliant comment of Rav Kook.

Well After 11:59 - But I like the post to be listed as written on Saturday night, because it still feels like Saturday night to me -

I just realized that at my quick stop to get food before coming home I left my bags in the store.  I forget things, I think it has something to do with being a human, particularly a human with a physical reality of having a lot on his plate (metaphorically) (which sometimes leads to the unhealthy choice of putting too much on my physical plate of food.)

Even Later - G00d Night and G-d Bless, I say, while starting to fade and yet still up thinking and writing...


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