Thursday, April 02, 2015

I like the idea of blogs and blogging and sometimes pine for the time when blogging seemed to me a bigger thing.

Here is a post by one of the big names from the old days of the J-Blogosphere with a fascinating post on a particular part of a particular Haggadah.

I'm trying to try to update my Haggadah for this year.

Work is rich, and fulfilling and intense and I am grateful for how I am blessed.

Taught and counseled and and anded till about 5:30 PM yesterday.  Soon I'm off to my Pesach position. 

Now is in between
We are always in between
Once when and later

Just wrote the above.

Wrote this as I was falling asleep last night:

Walking on eggshells
Is not a good way to live
Something's got to give

Some haiku stay in my head, some in the little pads I carry, some make it here.

I am home- in my apartment. My apartment gets no direct sunlight.  Still, I think I'd benefit from sitting by the one window with indirect sunlight, second-best as it is.  Sunlight is important.

I just figured out that all the wind up alarm clocks that I thought broke didn't really break.  It's just that the on-off button doesn't go in and out if  they're not worn out at least a little bit.

Just heard about this book, I Was A Child, while listening to an interview with the author.  The interview is great- I relate to it, and am interested in the book.  So much resonates.  he just spoke about how when he sat in front of the turntable and listened to an album as a kid the thing to do was to stare at the album cover while you listened.  He spoke too about how every house had a smell but he couldn't smell the smell of his own house.  For him TV was big as a kid, it was soothing, it was like his TV life was his real life, more comfortable than his real family life.  He's speaking about his parents, and how he now gets that parenting feels like too much because it truly borders on being too much.  His father once mentioned in passing, he thinks, that his father mentioned that his mother has two abortions- back when they were illegal and risky. She seemed so fragile and overwhelmed by her 3 boys.  His parents believed that in life you can't get what you want.  His father had interests in writing big time and became a text book editor.  His mom never expressed that she wanted more than she had, but did convey the message that you should work hard and expect little and hopefully avoid being disappointed. he's successful in many areas and still struggles with this attitude that being negative and keeping your ambitions low is somehow healthy.

I just got an email from President Richard Joel.  Here's part of it:

With the continued work of our Board of Trustees and your vital partnership, we will do all that is necessary to lead our university into the bright future it needs and deserves.

Chag Kasher V’Sameach and a joyous Holiday to all,

Richard M Joel
Bravmann Family University Professor

Sometimes I think about prayer.  To me a phrase in Shmoneh Esrei can be taken 2 different ways: Either that we say with confidence that our trust in G-d will protect us from things causing us to be embarrassed, or- that we pray that our trust in G-d will not somehow be a cause of embarrassment for us.

I am preparing and need to be packing for Pesach.  

Need to focus on packing and travelling.  For what it's worth this post is done for now.


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