Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Purim Proem

Anything. Because that's what they say. They say that on Purim you can ask G-d for anything and it will be granted.  One of the most rationalistic rabbis I know says that despite being dubious he tried it one year big time.  And he got what he asked for in the most dramatic Maggid Speaks story kind of way.

Can't do it, I've thought.  I try, but can I really open up and talk to G-d in that beautiful Breslov, Ushhpizin style? I just tried it and only got through a minute or so, maybe that minute was enough. Who knows?.  It's hard to have The Talk with anyone, let alone G-d.  Don't be common and let alone G-d.  Badger him in that loving yet tough love way of Rav Levi Yitzchak MiBerditchev.  Have chutzpah when you pray like Choni HaMe'agel (which got him chastised, but also got him what he asked for and what he and all those around him were thirsting for because it was what they needed).

Don't give up.  That's what they say.  Years ago someone shared their diary with me. In their journal this person prayed and pleaded with G-d, told the cold hard facts to Him in Scared Straight fashion.  In the end this person's prayers were answered. If you really want someone to hear your story, or want someone to stop crying, or want someone to receive your love, whatever it may be - you have to do your thing more than once.  Prayer one hundred and prayer one hundred and one times are different realities, set in different keys - let your key open the door to G-d's heart.

Everybody hurts and heals and is exiled and redeemed in their lifetime, in their way.  Purim is a major player in this game.  Forever comes later, for now deal with now.  Give to the poor, give to your friends, and give to everyone. Happiness is not so complicated that you need words for it – you’ll know it when you feel it. I, like you, want things though I may say I don’t – not with words, but with the way I live.  And on Purim the façade falls down and we want what we want and there’s a chance for that to happen for me and there's a chance for that to happen for you.  I want to want what I want in a way that I and G-d and the world know I want it. And though I’m scared like a rabbit-rabbi, I do want to act on the good things I want.  Purim is a holiday of doing, giving, moving forward; that may move dreams into reality.

Judaism is about many things, like life.

Know your holy day and know yourself.

Let your megilah unfold.


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