Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday In Real Time

On Wednesday I learned with a boy - not the first time - during lunch, who wants to learn extra.  Heaven is learning lishmah.  Then I went home with flu symptoms. Still got them.  A boy who's learning in Israel just came by to say hi.  Nachas.  Thank G-d for Vitamin C and echanacea and zinc and liquids and rest.  Thank G-d for kind secretaries who help with photocopying.  Thank G-d for Shabbos and the joy of anticipating Shabbos.  Thank G-d that I write regularly, it's cathartic.  I was planning to go to dad for Shabbos but with my terrible sore throat not gonna do it.  He had a bad sore throat like this a few months ago and it's particularly scary when he has that kind of thing (for a variety of reasons).  Last night, before sleep, I started a New Yorker short story called literally. it is good. A lot of story told through wordplay.  I also, last night, read a review of a book of short stories written slowly over the last 20 years.  Sounds good. As I write this I'm waiting for 2 students to come to me for special accommodations regarding their test.  Oral testing, on on case was okayed by the school learning specialist. Just got some soup upstairs.  Two juniors who I taught first period asked how I was feeling and told me to go home and rest it out asap.  A ninth grade student has a similar bug as me and went home right after out test.  I'm debating what I need to stop and buy and what I have enough of.  Yesterday i bought 4 boxes of Yogi immunity tea and am glad I did- already used a bunch of bags. Met with 2 students about their tests.  Met with a student to discuss his Bronfman recommendation.  Spoke to a student who did poorly on a test because he didn't feel well.  Spoke to a student who consistently can't get a test done in one class and connected with the department of school that can help him, got him an appointment with learning specialist. I was on the board as being absent today at the start of the day and kids kept telling me that I was absent.  I told them I was pretty sure I was here.  Off to catch a bus  to a store to another bus to home to a taste of the World to Come.


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