Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toldot - Parsha Poem

Little Yaakov and Eisav looked the same way
Their parents dressed them alike every day
Neither one stood alone amoungst the masses
They were sent to the same camps, placed in the same honors classes
They were fit into the same box from the outside
Their internal nature was supressed, made to hide

This was the case until they turned thirteen
Then they each took off and joined their own scene
Yaakov continued to be the super Tzadik child
Eisav threw his Judaism away, ran off, went wild

Rabbi Hirsch says Yitzchak and Rivkah made a mistake
They imposed things on their children that were easy to shake
They forgot to fulfil "Chanoch le'na'ar al pi darco"
Which means, raise your child according to his nature that you know

As we grow older, may we remember what to do
Follow Hashem's Torah while to our own self being true
May we be blessed to use our nature to follow G-d's way
May Hashem help us do this- let's start today!


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