Sunday, November 09, 2014


I have mixed feelings about (most things and also) posting here.  Are there (he asked somewhat rhetorically)  better ways to vent, journal, or share in writing than a blog?

Tonight fate assisted me in getting to a talk by rabbi Pesach Krohn. It's almost like one of his stories.  Someone asked if they could return some books borrowed from me, that person rode me to visit a sick friend, that friend told me about the talk that he couldn't make but would have liked to hear.  I was a block away.  it was the exact right time to go (15 minutes after the time it was called to start). I went, and it was very good.  Stories and other content available upon request.

This morning I took part in Open House for my school, happy to be on the team, deeply grateful for my role. my place.

Spent a while on phone with a parent tonight who's helping his son study for our test. We're half way there; the father is ready.

A dear friend and I were talking and he said, "Can I ask you a stupid question?"  I said that in my experience that question never precedes a stupid question.  What that question precedes is something that's a bit uncomfortable/awkward for the asker to say. My friend wondered if I was right and then said that yes, that was the kind of question he was going to ask: Why did I share something with him in an offhanded way that sounds like it's actually not a small or easy matter.  Not a stupid question, but a question that's a little hard to ask. (For the record- truly stupid questions generally are asked with confidence or bravado as if they are the smartest question in the world.)

Rabbi Krohn got personal tonight.  He shared how hard his mother took it when his father died.  Rabbi Krohn was a teenager, the oldest of the kids.  The kids all felt it.  his mother set  a place at the table for her husband for forty years.

I wrote a poem about  Sarah and Avraham's laughters.  And I don't know where it is.  I wish I had it and/or had the time and was blessed to recreate it.

May we all be blessed tonight with a good night, tomorrow with a good tomorrow, and always with a good always.


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I knew Paysach's mother. We are related.

November 21, 2014 at 1:25 AM  

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