Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post Yom Tov/Shabbos-Breishit Post

I am starting this in the evening, shortly after returning from South Fallsberg, where I was for Yom Tov and Shabbos.  I am happy and grateful for a lot of wonderful moments, including right now.  I am sitting and writing while I listen to my 8th Day Spotify station.  Over Yom Tov I felt comfortable, largely.  Personalities are a fascinating thing, along with how we tweak the them via the choices we make regarding what we say and do.  Some people make me feel safe being myself with, they help me shine, I help them shine.  Some people make me wonder about how they can speak and act the way they do and not see that it hurts people like me.  I contributed a lot over the days and feel needed and appreciated: I spoke at 2 meals, ran an improv workshop, led a tisch, and more.  It's nice to be in a space that's a good fit.

I write a lot, some would say.  And yet I'd like to write more.  It may be my calling.  I want my books to be out there.  I have a pool of over 400 new haiku for my next book, which will, please G-d, be a continuation of my first one.

I am writing this in between marking tests.  I gave 3 of my classes tests right before YT and got 2 out 3 done before YT with one that i'm finishing up now.  Emails to write, calls to make, preparing to do m(no I don't teach the same thing every year).  My job is amorphous and on going and i am on right now, 9:44 PM on a Sunday night.

I'm praying for a healthy and good year for all of us in every way.

Here's what I wrote about teaching Breishit nine years ago.  This is the second time I'm teaching it since then. We now have a set curriculum to follow, and the year, thank G-d is off to another good start.  I look forward to continuing to teach my theree Chumash classes as we enter our first full week tomorrow. May G-d bless us all in our experience of learning holy Torah together.


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