Thursday, October 23, 2014

I hope to continue to build my tanka website, amd my haiku site (which is much more developed than the tanka one). And I hope to continue sharing haiku at haikuhorizons. I also look forward to writing more of my longer poems, and putting them in a followup  book.

Poetry is a big part of my life. That can make me lonely sometimes.  And it can also make me very happy.

I started writing this on Sunday, since then a week has gone by  in that inimitable real life combination of fast and slow.  I wanted to do a whole piece about poetry and me. Now I find myself stopping for a moment during a non-stop day. There's a lot to write about regarding today and every day. And yet.  The day is short and the work is abundant. Which reminds me that I'm teaching an Avot class for Mishmar in a few minutes.  Third Perek this year.  Taught the first two last year. I need to re-gather my thoughts on what I'll be teaching.  Review sheet to prepare for tomorrow.  Log ins to write.  Emails and calls to return.  Need to pack and prepare for Freshman Retreat.  And and and and and.

My Poetic Gateways

I am grateful
for my friends
Billy and Emily

And my dear
poetic soul mate
Zelda of Jerusalem

I sit in the West and
my soul is in the East
glowing with Zelda


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